10 things clumsy girls will understand

10 things clumsy girls will understand

For a long time I’ve bee writing blogposts under the name Missclumsy. A name that fits perfectly because I am quite a clumsy person. I drop things all the time, run into walls and keeping my clothes clean is a challenge. If you’re just as clumsy as I am you will understand these 10 things.

1. A cracked phone screen

I have a protection screen on my phone but for some reason it is always cracked. Unfortunately I’ve managed to break my actual screen (under the protection) as well. But the damage isn’t all that bad and I can still use my phone.

2. Wearing white is asking for problems

Honestly I really like wearing white shirts or dresses but it always ends up going wrong. It’s like white clothes just attract having spots on them. Ketchup, tomato sauce, red wine, chocolate..

3. Lots of broken bones or bruised body parts

I am blessed to say I only broke one bone. My toe, when I fell over something while dancing. I always have bruises on my body though and I just don’t know where they come from. It’s like they magically appear.

4. Always dropping things

Things just aren’t safe in my hands. I can’t remember the times I dropped my phone or hairbrush on the floor. Let’s just say at least two times a day.

5. tripping over nothing

When you’re clumsy you don’t need anything to trip over, sometimes air can cause you to fall.

6. Walking on heels is a challenge

The safest option for clumsy girls is to wear flat shoes. Whenever I wear heels I end up falling over my own feet.

7. Running into things

Some objects seem to magically appear for me to run into them. Like a bench on the sidewalk, a lamppost or a random trashcan.

8. Having your hair caught up in everything

My hair has been stuck between the car door, windows and even my washing rack.

9. you can’t go to a store without making a complete fool of yourself

For some reason I always drop things in a store. When I want to grab a cute shirt from a rack, 5 other shirts will fall on the floor. With my handbag I always cause stuff to fall of the shelf and sometimes I just walk into objects or people.

10. Full cups or glasses are a dangerous

Drinking from a full  glass or cup is dangerous, I always manage to spill my drink on my clothes. Most of the time I drink water so the wet spots will just dry up. But when it’s juice or alcohol it’s not a pleasant experience.

Do you recognize yourself in one of these points? Or do you experienced other things as a clumsy girl? Please let me know in the comments.


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