7 x Why you shouldn’t visit South Dakota

South Dakota

South Dakota is one of the least popular states of the United States when it’s up to tourist. I’ve actually never met someone from Europe who was visiting a state in the Mid-West for vacation, without knowing anyone there. (Except from Chicago). In general, tourists prefer to go to the East-coast, West-coast or Florida. Before I moved to South Dakota in 2013-2014, I didn’t know anything about this part of the United States. I was actually surprised that Mount Rushmore is based in South Dakota and not in California, as I had been thinking for years. Last summer I visited the black hills of South Dakota and in this article I will tell you why you should’t book a trip to this American state. 

  1. Mount Rushmore

    Mount Rushmore South DakotaMount Rushmore South Dakota

    When I tell people that Mount Rushmore is based in South Dakota I get a lot of surprised faces. Mostly because the majority of people don’t seem to know about Mount Rushmore. But when I tell them it’s the rock with the faces of some former American presidents carved in it, I get some sounds of recognition. A lot of people are surprised to find this ‘rock’ in the Mid-West, but it is really true.

  2.  Needles highway

    Needles highway South Dakota

    This road throug Custer State Park will give you some views of the nature in the black hills. The road got her name because of the ‘stone needles’ along the road and the small tunnels. When you have to go through the tunnels, it is like crawling through the eye of the needle. Especially with a big American truck or bus, it is quite a challenge to drive this road, so I would just not go there.

  3. Spearfish canyon

    Spearfish Canyon South Dakota
    Driving between pine trees, hills and along little streams and waterfalls, who actually enjoys that?

  4. Deadwood

    Deadwood South Dakota
    Deadwood South Dakota

    When you enter this city in the hills of South Dakota, it’s like walking straight into a Western movie. Old fashioned saloons, small stores and a theatre piece in the middle of the street, to take you back into the old days.

  5. Rapid City (Fire house)

    Firehouse Rapid City South Dakota
    This old firestation has been turned into a restaurant and they serve delicious food, ugh!

  6. Pactola lake

    How can you enjoy this view?

  7. Devils towerDevils tower Wyoming

    Okay, I am cheating a little bit, Devils tower isn’t actually in South Dakota, but in Wyoming. But I do count this impressive natural phenomenon for my list, since it’s only one hour away from Spearfish.
    South Dakota
    (I hope you don’t take this article too serious and understand that South Dakota is worth visiting if you want to see a ‘relatively unknown’ state of the United States. There are quite some awesome places to see!)

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  1. Henry
    January 8, 2020 / 21:57

    Beautiful article – I hope some day you will come visit South Dakota as I’ve been told there are great faces and great places. The people here can grow on you and some may even become like family. You are welcome anytime you want to see our beautiful state – and maybe you’ll return to see more.

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