Hello cheap food! 7 x Student discount in Paris

Hello cheap food! 7 x Student discount in Paris

In general, students aren’t very rich, so a student discount is always welcome! A few months ago I posted a list with student discount in my hometown, Zwolle, but now it’s time for Paris! Parisians usually don’t take any food to their office/school but they eat out for lunch. It’s the same for students, but luckily there are quite some places in Paris that offer student discounts, so you can get an affordable lunch, that tastes good. 


This sandwich store offers a student menu with a sandwich, a drink and a dessert (pain au chocolate or pain Swisse). The student menu isn’t published on their menu, so you have to ask for it when you order. When you order a menu etudiant, you will pay €5.50 for your lunch. This is the first place with student discount that I visited in Paris.

My lunch from Paul


Pretty much everybody knows this sandwich store, but did you know you can get a student discount? No matter which menu you pick, as a student it’s always €1 cheaper. Not a huge amount of discount, but hey all those euros together are quite a lot!

Pomme de pain

Just like all the other places listed, Pomme de pain is a sandwich store, but you can also order soup or potatoes. A student menu with soup or potatoes, a drink, and a dessert will cost you €5,90. If you prefer a sandwich instead of the soup/potatoes, you will pay €1 extra.


The perfect spot for college students since they offer an affordable dinner for just €10. The dinner includes a hamburger, fries and a drink. I’ve been here a few times and I really like their food, so I was one happy student 🙂

Brioche Doree

This week I visited this place for the first time, because one of my classmates told me it was a good place to go. As a student, you can have lunch for €7,50. The menu consists of a sandwich, a dessert and a drink of your choice. You can literally choose every product they sell and there are no limitations of products that aren’t on the menu. I had a sandwich with goat cheese and grilled vegetables and my dessert was a little lemon-meringue pie.

McDonald’s (with an Imaginer card)

It’s a little bit of cheating, because this discount only works when you have an Imaginer card (a card for public transportation in Paris, just for students.) When you order a menu, you get a second burger for €1. For instance when you order a Bigmac menu, then you will get a second Bigmac for €1 extra.

Pizza Pino

I am always in the mood for pizza! Students will get a 30% discount at Pizza Pino, yay! You do have to check their website for the specific rules. For instance, the discount doesn’t work at their store on the Champs Elysees.

Be aware!

I hope you will have some nice lunches at the places I’ve listed, but remember to take your student card. Without this card, you won’t get a student discount in Paris. Enjoy your lunch!


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  1. Millena
    March 11, 2019 / 11:49

    Brioche Doree is my favority!
    I will try Pizza Pino.

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