My week #1, 2018


A lot of bloggers that I follow are sharing a weekly overview with the highlights of the past week. Personally I really enjoy reading this and that’s why I decided to share a weekly overview with you.


Monday was quite a tense day, because I had to retake the same test for the fourth time. This is the only test from the first year that I have to retake to get my Propedeuse. It is a test about the political situation in the Netherlands during the 20th century and I really struggle with this class. For some reason all the information just doesn’t stick in my head. I have no idea how the the test went and all I can do is waiting for my grade.


The day that I have been looking forward to for a long time. After more than three years in my student room, I could finally quit my rent. My room is fine, but I realize that I don’t like sharing my kitchen and bathroom with someone else. I got the opportunity to move to a studio where I will have everything for myself and I am definitely taking the change. It felt so good to quit my rent and it made me realize that I am moving to my new house by the end of this month.


Wednesday morning I spent my time packing boxes. I made quite some progress and think that I will need one more afternoon of packing before I am ready to move. During the afternoon my mom came to visit me. We went to the city center, did some shopping, had a coffee and spontaneously decided to go to the movies. We went to see the movie Blockers and later this week I will write a review about it. After the movie we went to eat Vietnamese food.



I don’t go to Zeewolde to see my parents very often, but this week I went to see them for a few days. This was a reason for me to hang out with some friends from Zeewolde. I took some pictures for my blog with one of my friends and some for her Instagram. It is usefull that we both have the same interests so we can help each other. The rest of the afternoon we played games with two others.
During the night I made pannenkoeken for my mom and brother. When we were younger we would do that quite often when my dad wasn’t home. This time he was out as well, so we went back in time for a bit.


Friday was quite a calm day. I slept in, worked on an interview that will be published soon and walked the dogs. During the afternoon I went to see my grandparents and during the night I went out with some friends. Right before I arrived I got an email from school with the grade of my politics retake. I was quite surprised to see that I had passed my test and now I officially have my propedeuse. We obviously had to celebrate that!


Saturday wasn’t very interesting, I did groceries with my dad, watched the game France-Australia and packed my suitcase for our trip. Besides that I did some stuff for my blog, wrote new articles and planned some for this week.


I can’t write anything about this day because I wrote this post on Saturday, so I won’t have anything to do for my blog during my vacation.


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