My week 10: French Action and visiting Versailles

My week 10: French Action and visiting Versailles

The past week was quite busy and I didn’t really have time to write blog posts. Luckily I do have more time this week and I wrote a few blog posts. But first, it’s time to look at what I’ve done during the past week.


It was my boyfriends birthday and I thought it was a good reason to decorate the house. After school (I finished at 10:20) I visited action to get some decorations and balloons (and some other stuff). I was very curious if the French Actions was a lot different from the Dutch one, but it’s actually quite the same. I really had the feeling to be in a Dutch store.


I didn’t have school during the morning, but during the afternoon I had class from 1:30 till 8. Starting by French class and after International for four hours.


I had to go to school in the middle of the day for a test of marketing & technologies. Unfortunately, I don’t have a good feeling about my test and I am not sure if I even passed. After my test, I went out with a friend to take some picks and grab some food. Around 4 I had an interview for my blog with an Italian girl who lives in Paris for her acting classes.


I didn’t have school and I visited Versailles with a friend. We walked through the gardens and took hundreds of pictures. That night I was quite tired after walking so much.


I had to go to school for French class and after I went to Grand Palais with Mayte and Catarina to take some pictures. That night I went out for dinner with my boyfriend because I still wanted to go out for his birthday.


Unfortunately, I had to go to school during the afternoon and my weekend didn’t start until 5:30. That night my boyfriend and some of my friends from school went out for dinner and to some bars.


To celebrate my boyfriends birthday with his family, we went out for lunch with his parents and grandmas. Once we arrived at the restaurant we found out that his best friend and his wife joined us as well. We had a three course lunch and I ate a snail for the first time in my life. I have to admit that I can’t really get used to the idea.


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