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Welcome to my personal lifestyle blog. This is my spot on the world wide web where I am sharing my experiences and write about everything that keeps me busy. At the moment I am living in Paris for about 8 months, so you can expect a lot of articles about that.

The name of my blog is Merellisanne.nl, just because it’s my full name. Merel.nl was already taken and merelrevet.nl is the website where I publish my journalism portfolio and freelance jobs.

Merellisanne.nl is a personal lifestyle blog where I want to give my readers a view in my life and some helpful tips and tricks, as well as some personal stories of me and others that I interviewed. I love traveling and will be sharing my future adventures. Interesting experiences as well as hotspots and advice on how to make the trip yourself.
Besides traveling I am really into watching Netflix, eating good food and photography. So it can happen that I will write about a series that I’ve watched, books that I read, reviews about beauty products or a good recipe.

I am publishing new posts on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

All pictures are mine, unless it’s written differently. You can’t use any of the pictures I’ve published without permission of the photographer.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog and I would realy enjoy it if you leave a comment.

Love, Merel

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