Chicago hotspot: Stan’s Donuts & Coffee

Chicago hotspot: Stan’s Donuts & Coffee

While I was visiting Chicago, I discovered Stan’s Donuts & Coffee, a donuts-chain with a restaurant close to the apartment that we were staying at. The first morning we had breakfast at this place and in this blogpost I am sharing my opinion about the donuts-chain. We went to the Stan’s Donuts & Coffee at E. Roosevelt Road. 

Next to the entrance of the metro station Roosevelt, you can find a Stan’s Donuts & Coffee. A cosy donut place with a lot of choices from fresh donuts.


Stan’s Donuts & Coffee is decorated in a cosy way and all the colors fit together perfectly. The logo of the chain is in the colors pink and (olive)green and the style is also visible in the interior of the place. Everything fits in with the color palette pink, green and brown. Personally, I really like the colors and the style of the store made me want to go inside. While I was doing some research for my article, I found out that the website of the Donuts chain is in the same colors as the restaurant itself. I really think that’s cool and I am definitely enthusiastic about the styling and the ambiance of the place.



The variety of donuts is quite big and it was a challenge to just choose one donut. In the end I picked a donut with caramel and marshmallow and my boyfriend chose one with strawberry filling. We both really enjoyed the taste of our donuts. Besides that, we both took a coffee; I had a cappuccino, he took an espresso. To be honest, we were quite disappointed by the coffee, but I have to admit that in general American coffee isn’t really our thing. During our trip, we only visited one coffee place that served actual good coffee.
We had to pay a total of $14,69 for our order of two donuts and two coffees. I do think this is quite expensive and that’s why a visit to Stan’s Donuts isn’t something I would do on a daily base. (It isn’t healthy either and I don’t live in Chicago). But if you are in the city for a few days and feel like eating a good donut, I can definitely advice you to go here!


To give you a better view of the place; I’ve made a short video to show you the Stan’s Donuts & Coffee on Roosevelt road.

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