Donuts in Paris? This is Boneshaker Doughnuts


Paris is the city of baguette, French pastries and cheese, but did you know you can get really good donuts? Today I am sharing a hotspot that has been on my wishlist for quite a while after I came across their Instagram account: Boneshaker Doughnuts. Is this hotspots overhyped or do they really sell the best donuts in Paris? I went to the store to find out the truth.

Months ago I came across the Instagram page of Boneshaker Doughnuts and I was convinced right away: I have to go here one day! It took a while before I actually went to this Irish/American place (The donuts store is owned by an American/Irish couple), but it was worth the wait.

Donuts bij Boneshaker Doughnuts Paris

In the non-touristy second arrondissement of Paris, you will find this small donut store. If you don’t know the small bakery is located at Rue d’Aboukir, you might just walk past it and never notice it’s there. The store is very small, with only a few donut flavors to sell and a coffee machine. There is hardly any room to sit inside, so the most logical choice is take out.
The donuts are freshly made every single day and they bake a limited amount. If the donuts sell out before closing time, the shop just closes earlier, so you really have to be in time. The earlier you show up, the more choice you have.

Salted caramel

The different flavors of donuts are changing every day. Usually, you can see the flavors of the day on their Instagram. There are only a few flavors that are available on a daily base: chocolate, cream, sugar, salted caramel and a vegan version of the sugar donut. Every donut costs €4 and they also offer cinnamon rolls for €3 (haven’t tried those yet).
I chose the salted caramel donut because it is one of my favorite flavors in general. My friends took a sugared one and a matcha donut. We took them to Jardin des Tuileries to have a small picnic in the sun.

Salted Caramel donut

Worth it?

After months of waiting I finally ate a boneshaker donut in the beginning of april and it was worth the wait. The dough is very airy (not sure if it’s the right word, but in Dutch we say it like that) and tastes very good. The salty caramel topping is just amazing and I can’t just say that these donuts are the best in Paris, but also the best one I tried in my life. Ofcourse it’s not very good for your health, so you won’t see me eating donuts on a daily base, but once in a while I just have to go back. Would you like to eat donuts in Paris as well? Then I totally advice you to go to Boneshaker Doughnuts. You can find the store at: 77 rue d’Aboukir,75002 Paris, France. Don’t forget to let me know what you think of it! For more information, you can check out their website.

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