Lunch hotspot in Paris: Bagelstein


You can find thousands of nice cafés, cute restaurants and lunch hotspots in Paris, therefore it might be complicated to find an awesome hotspot. To help you out a bit, I am sharing all the places that I really like. Maybe you like them as much as I do and you will have a great time. Yesterday I had lunch at Bagelstein, located on Rue Vaugirard and I will definitely come back!



The lunchhotspot that I visited is part of a franchise, which means that you can find several places like that all around France. There are over 28 Bagelstein stores located in the city of Paris. The one I’ve visited is quite small and fits about 15 people, but most customers order a takeout menu. I’ve sat at a table for about 1,5 hours because I had to wait for my class to start and I wanted to write some blog articles while I enjoyed a good lunch.

The name already shows that they sell bagels, but they also have a lot of sweet pastries like muffins and cheesecake. I ordered a bagel called Isidore with cream cheese, sundried tomatoes, mozarella, bellpepper and green pesto. All the ingrediënts were fresh and it tasted very good. I ordered a menu with a bagel, a dessert (nutella muffin!) and a Coke for €8,90. I think it is a fair price based on the fact that I got a lot of tasty food and I got to sit at a nice spot.


I think I’ve already made it clear, but I would definitely recomment you to go to one of the Bagelstein restaurants to have a nice lunch. (Thinking all Bagelsteins serve the same quality of food). I will definitely go back to this place since it’s close to school and I have quite some lunchbreaks. So far I didn’t see anybody taking their own lunch so when people have a 1h break the eat out.

Want to go?
Did I just convince you to have lunch at this place? Take a look at their website to see where you can find a Bagelstein (and check out the menu) If you go there please send me a message and let me know what you think of the food!

Some pictures:


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