My week 5: Hardly any classes and climbing the Notre Dame for the fourth time*

Ipag Paris

It is Monday, so that means it is about time for an overview of the past week. I’ve felt a bit sick for a few days, didn’t have a lot of classes and climbed the Notre Dame for the fourth time.


Unfortunately I didn’t feel well and descided to stay home for the day (I didn’t have classes anyways). I’ve worked on my blog and just had a calm day. During the afternoon I had a Skype interview for an article that will be published later this week.


One of the few ‘long’ schooldays of this week was scheduled for tuesday. The day started at 8:20 with a 4 hour marketing and new technologies class and after lunchbreak a two hour French class. I stopped by the international office during lunch break to make sure my new Learnig Agreement got accepted. I’ve dropped two classes and picked two new ones. After I had lunch with a classmate.

Lunchen at school


I didn’t have any classes during the morning and slept a bit longer. During the afternoon I had a 4 hour class of international management. This class is not really my thing, but I survived.

On my way to school, I pass by buildings like these and I just think they are super pretty!
Classes are way better with some hot chocolate!


My last day of the week and I only had two hours of class. After school I got some cookies from a store that I’ve been wanting to visit for quite a while now, just because of the name of the store. It is called ‘My Cookie Therapy’ and I think it sounds cool. We ate the cookies during the night and I have to say they were quite good. But I have to say that it might be a lot cheaper to make homemade American Cookies.

Yummy! It was hard to pick the ones that I wanted, but in the end I took an Oreo white chocolate cookie and a salty caramel one.


My weekend had already started so I decided to be a tourist and climb the Notre Dame with three clasmates. It was the fourth time I climed the kathedral but I keep enjoying it. The view is beautiful and we had fun. After climbing over 300 steps we decided to have lunch at Subway and I’ve ended my sight seeing afternoon with one classmate at Saint Chapelle. It was a fun day and it really felt like a vacation day eventhough it was a ‘normal Friday’.

The back of the Notre Dame
A view on La Defense, all the way in the back
Do you recognize some of the Paris hotspots?
Spain, the Netherlands, Brazil, Turkey


It took a while, but my boyfriend and I finally have a washmachine! On Saturday his parents came over to install the washmachine and have lunch with us. We had raclette and I was a happy girl!

This is how you melt the cheese.
Once the cheese is melted, you eat it with meat, veggies or potatoes.


My boyfriend and I ended the week with a relaxed day at home. Sleeping in, watching Netflix and eating food from MacDonalds, just because we can.

Coming up next:
I didn’t make any specific plants for this upcoming except 8 hours of school and two interviews for my blog. The rest of the week I get to do whatever I feel like doing. What are your plans? Is your agenda fulll or do you have a calm week?


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