My week 11 and 12: a lot of pictures and visitors from the Netherlands

My week 11 and 12: a lot of pictures and visitors from the Netherlands

The past weeks I haven’t been uploading any content on my blog because I didn’t have time/didn’t feel like writing content. I had two very busy weekends with visitors from the Netherlands. My parents came over for a weekend and a few days later my brother came over with a friend. A lot of fun, but super tiring.

I will look back at the past weeks by posting some pictures and less writing than normal. So prepare yourself for a lot of visual content.

Monday march 11th

I had to go to school in the morning and during the rest of the day I just stayed at home. Totally forgot to take any pictures, so here is the only one I took during the day, my dinner.

Tuesday march 12th

My French class was super boring so I descided to go to Bagelstein with Olivia, just because we needed some distraction. Yummy, now that I see the picture I really want to go back.

Wednesday march 13th

All these pastries make me hungry! Unfortunately I did not by any, all I took was one baguette.

Thurday march 14th

I spent my full day preparing for my parents to come to Paris. So by the end of the day I really felt the need to go for a walk in our neighbourhood.

Friday march 15th

Once my parents arrived in Paris we went to my boyfriends parents to eat raclette. One of my favorite French meals.

Saturday march 16th

We’ve biked around the city during the morning because I had to get to know the bike tour, because I got hired as a guide. A good opportunity for my parents to experience biking through Paris. That afternoon we’ve visited Chateau Versailles with my boyfriend and his parents.

Sunday march 17th

The last day in Paris for my parents, so we did some sight seeing and walked along the Seine.

Monday march 18th

One final bakery visit to get fresh croissants before my parents return to the Netherlands.

Tuesday march 19th

When my parents came to Paris, they took a car full of stuff, including Dutch groveries. Tuesday night I cooked boerenkool (a typical Dutch meal) for the second time in my life. (The first time was when I lived in the USA.)

Wednesday march 20th

My cousin Koen was in Paris for his work, so we went out for dinner.

Thursday march 21th

Together with two friends, I had a picnic in Jardin de Tuilleries (close to the Louvre). We got our donuts from Boneshakerdoughnuts and I have to admit that those donuts were the best ones I’ve ever tried.


Friday march 22nd

We wanted to climb the Arc de Triomphe but it was already closed (even though it was suposed to be open according to the website) so we descided to get a milkshake at Five Guys.

Saturday march 23rd

It seemed like a good idea to climb the Sacre Coeur on saturday afternoon. Unfortunately we ended up in the middle of the demonstrations (gillet jaunes) so the church was closed.

Sunday march 24th

The last day of Laurens and Boris in Paris so we saw quite some places. The boys wanted to go to Galeries Lafayette to see all the clothes from expensive brands. Personally I prefered the view from the rooftop.

To end the weekend, we’ve visited the grand mosque of Paris. Quite special to be here and I almost felt like being in Morocco all over again where you can find tons of beautiful buildings like this (I really want to go back!).



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