My week 13 and 14: a lot of sleeping

My week 13 and 14: a lot of sleeping

The past two weeks weren’t as nice as I hoped. I didn’t feel good and in the end, I’ve been quite sick for about a week. An infected eye, ear infection, a really bad cold and a fever made me stay in bed for almost a full week. Still, I do want to share my weekly overview from the past two weeks.

Monday March 25th

I tried to make a weekvlog when I walked to the metro on monday morning. The video wasn’t bad, but I didn’t take any others during the rest of the week.

Tuesday March 26th

When my parents visited us in Paris, they brought the air fryer that my dad got for Christmas from his work. We tried it by making homemade fries and they were quite good!

Wednesday March 27th

An outfit of the day picture because I was really happy to go out without a winter jacket. And because I was wearing my new shoes for the first time.
Cultural aspects of management, I won’t survive this class without coffee.

Thursday March 28th

I had a day off from school and didn’t feel great, but I still thought I needed to go outside to get some fresh air.
Le parc André-Citroën

Friday March 29th

My boyfriend and I were both sick, so besides from a doctors visit we did not leave the house.

Saturday March 30th

While I was sick in bed I heard a lot of noise outside so I went outside to check what was going on. It was an endometriosis march, the people want to get more attention to this disease.

Sunday March 31th

I felt a bit better and went to my work to pick up a bike. On my way back I stopped at the Louvre because I wanted to see the streetart for the 30th birthday of the pyramid. Unfortunately part of the art already got destroyed.

Monday april 1th

My dad had to be in Paris for his work, so he stayed at our place for a night.
We went out for dinner and I obviously chose a hamburger.

Tuesday april 2nd

I got quite sick and spent my full day in bed. When I looked out the window I saw this pigeon couple building a nest, so I think they will have babies soon!

Wednesday april 3rd

I took a picture of my breakfast and spent the rest of my day sleeping.

Thursday april 4th

On Thursday I had to bring my bike back to work because we would have a big group of tourists the next day. I took the metro back. Friday was suposed to be my first tour on my own, but in the end I didn’t go because I was too sick.

Friday April 5th

My boyfriend made steak and homemade fries for dinner

Saturday April 6th

Eventhough I still felt sick, I had to go to school on Saturday. I already missed quite some classes and couldn’t afford to miss some more.

Sunday April 7th

Our apartment has a view on a little garden and there are some cats that get to walk around the garden. This white-red one is my favorite one.



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