My week 19: vacation at Corsica!

Merel Corsica 2019

Last week my boyfriend and I got to enjoy a lovely week of vacation at Corsica. We walked every single day, sat on the beach a lot of times (it was too cold to swim) and enjoyed being out of the city for a week. In this weekly overview I will share some of the pictures that I took during our trip.


My boyfriend has been telling me for a long time that he wanted to take me to this beach. During summer time it’s too busy to go, but in the low season it is very calm.
Always happy when I’m on the beach!
The weather is perfect when you want to go for a walk.
This fox was walking around the parkinglot and he wasn’t scared of people. This picture was taken without zooming in.
After a walk on the beach, we went to Bonifacio to get some icecream.


We walked for about three hours close to the beach of Roccapina
One of my favorite beaches on the island. Too bad there are so many alges.



We went for a walk close to the village.
At the end of the afternoon we sat down on the beach for a bit.


We walked for about two hours and sat down on the beach for a bit as well.


We descided to walk from the village and did a roundtrip of about 9 kilometers.
Welldeserved drinks after the walk.
This turtle came to visit us.


Our last day on the island. After cleaning the house, we wanted to go to the beach one more time.


Time to go back to Paris 🙁
Bye Corsica, see you next time!



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