My week 22: 23rd birthday and a lot of biking

Merel Marais

I am still recovering from the hot weekend, now that I am writing my weekly overview. The temperatures were above 30 degreese celcius and I spent quite some time in the full sun. Today is a much cooler day and the perfect moment to look back at the past week.  


Because I needed to buy some stuff at Lidl, I descided to go first thing in the moring because they just stocked the grocery store. Online I found the opening hours of Lidl and it was suposed to open at 9:00. I arrived at 9:30, but the store was still closed till 10 o’clock. So I descided to go for a walk in the neighourhood and arrived at the store 3 minutes after openinghour. I expected to be the only crazy person to be at Lidl right at opening hour, but I was wrong. People were actually lining up outside and running into the store once the doors opened. Quite a weird experience.

parc andré citroen
Walkng trough the park colse to Lidl |parc andré citroen
Lidl Paris 15
People lining up for the store


Happy birthday to me! Unfortunately my birthday was on a normal weekday, so my boyfriend had to go to the office and I was home alone. Luckily I went out for lunch with a friend from school and we spent the rest of the day walking through the Marais. Enjoying all the beautiful places and ofcourse shopping!

The Grilled Cheese company
Yummy what a great lunch!
Winkelen met Catarina
Square du Temple - Elie Wiesel
A beautiful park in the Marais |Square du Temple – Elie Wiesel
Cocktails in de Marais


I wanted to take pictures at a shopping center for a blogpost that will be published later this week. The mall that I wanted to go to, is about 8,5 kilometers from our house, so I descided to walk. It took about 2 hours to get there and I discovered some new palces in the city. On my way back, I did take public transportation.

Church in the 14th arrondisement in Paris
On my way to the mall
Quite a tasty lunch! Wraps with salad, couscous and chicken.


Because of Ascension day, my boyfriend got a day off (I got three months off haha). We could sleep in and I really enjoyed staying home for a day, together with him. It did feel like a ‘normal’ Sunday, while we still had the full weekend ahead of us.



After a few weeks without biking tours, I finally got to work two shifts on Friday. I didn’t really check the weather, so I ended up working in jeans and taking my jacket. Not that smart of a choice since it was about 28 degrees. Good thing I left my jacket at our starting place.
Both tours were fine and I had some nice people biking with me. I do have to admit that it’s quite tiring to do two tours.

Passage Paris

Lunch Bo & Me
Having lunch inbetween the two tours.


Just recovered from my double shifts, I got to bike again on Saturday. This time a kidstour during the morning. That afternoon I went to visit one of my boyfriends friends (with my boyfriend) and we had a bbq.

Palais Royale
One of the kids took this picture during the tour
BBQ in the garden.


For the third day in a row I got to do a bike tour. Luckily another group of nice people and the weather was great. A little bit on the hot side (over a 30 degrees celcius), but in the shadow it was totally doable. The rest of the day I just relaxed at home.

A well deserved drink after a weekend of working.

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