My week 6: getting used to life in the city and good food

My week 6: getting used to life in the city and good food

A day later than officially planned, but it’s time for another weekly overview. Yesterday I’ve been out all day with some classmates and when I finally got home, I didn’t have time to write this article. It doesn’t really matter, because I had a good day. I am starting to get used to living in the big city and I have to say that I really like it!


The week started with a really short schoolday that lasted just two hours. At 10:30 I left the schoolbuilding, with still a full day ahead of me. I’ve walked to Beaugrenelle to visit some stores. ‘A trip to the Netherlands’ by visiting Hema, where I looked at all the Dutch food they sell. I have to admit that it feels good to know that I get to go here when I miss hagelslag, drop, stroopwafels and borrelnootjes. So when I feel homesick, I know where to go.


Tuesdaymorning I had an interview with a Dutch girl who lives in Paris and after my interview I did a bit of shopping at the mall under the Montparnass tower. After my shoppingsession I had lunch at Bagelstein and sat down to write some blog articles. That night my boyfriend and I went out for dinner with his godfather.


I didn’t have any classes that day, but unfortunately I felt a bit sick as well. In the end it was a day of sitting on the couch and watching some Netflix series because I was too tired to do something.


I didn’t have any school during the morning and I’ve worked on my blog. I had French class during the afternoon and 2 hours of strategic marketing planning. The best moment of the day was the moment of recieving my Imaginer card, because it gives me the possibility to use all the public transportation in Paris. I won’t have to pay for each trip that I take, which gives me a lot of freedom. No matter how often I use the sub, I keep paying the same amount.


Just like last week, another friday without any classes! During the afternoon I had an interview for blog and during the night I went out with my boyfriend and his friends. One of the guys booked tickets for le Manoir (the hauntend house), so that’s where we went. Defenitely not something I liked and I didn’t really follow the story since my French isn’t good enough. So if you don’t speak French fluently, I don’t advice you to go there because you won’t get a lot of things.


We got a new pan to make crêpes, so we had to test it. Actually, my boyfriend tested it cause he is the one who made the crêpes. I am the one who ate them 🙂 Beside that we just had a calm day at home.


Last week I got an email from Windesheim, saying that I officially passed my internship paper and I got my final grade, a 7,9! To celebrate that, I wanted to taker my boyfriend out for a drink. We went to the Indiana Café and had a drink during the happy hour. I got an Long Island Icetea and it tasted really good! It was a lot of fun and I really appreciate that we get to celebrate these kind of things together instead of daily Facetime calls.


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