My week 9 : spontaneous picnic and class on Saturday


I’ve been living in Paris for almoste two months and if you are wondering what I’m doing in the big city, here is my weekly overview. I will show you what I did these past seven days.


Every monday starts with my first class at 8:20 and I finish just two hours later. Usually we go and explore the city with some friends, but this week I had to cross off some things from my to-do list. Luckily I finished in time and around 5 a clock I met up with some friends for a spontaneous picnic at the Eiffeltower. First I was with two girls and around 7/8 a few other people joined us, including my boyfriend. It felt so good to just enjoy the nice weather and a cold beer on a ordinary monday.

My first class of the week
Picnic with Catarina and Martine


Just a normal day with a two hour French class and besides that I did some homework and wrote some blog articles. That night, my boyfriend and I had an ápero (a drink and snacks before dinner) because we had some left over snacks from the weekend. I am not complaining about that haha.

We got so lucky with the weather last week!
Yummy, get in my tummy!


Wednesday was a tough day of school with 6 hours of the same class with a lunchbreak in the middle. I have to admit that I don’t linke this class, international management. Everytime it is a challenge to get through this class… At the end of the day I went out for a drink with a friend at the Indiana café to drink some well deserved cocktails during the happy hour.

A happy moment!


My semester at Ipag will be finished by the end of April, so I want to get a job for my last months in Paris. On Thursday I joined a biketour to see if I would like to work as a tourguide. I really enjoyed the tour and I think it will be a fun job.


You would think, my last schoolday of the week, but unfortunately that wasn’t the case. On Saturday I had another 4 hours of class, so Friday didn’t really feel like a Friday.


I was happy to sleep in for a bit, but I had to be at school at 10:30. 4 hours of class and 1 hour of lunchbreak. During my break I went out for lunch at Pomme de Pain with some classmates. That night my boyfriend and I went to a party at one of his friends.

Definitely enjoyed my lunch!


Saturday night, we came home quite late so Sunday was a chill day. Sleeping in, watching a movie and reading a book. Secretly I really enjoy these kind of lazy Sundays.

Facetiming my parents

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