Review: Makeup Revolution London Matte Lip Kit

Review: Makeup Revolution London Matte Lip Kit

For quite some time I’ve wanted to try a product of Makeup Revolution Londen. Mainly because I read many positive reviews about the brand, but also because their prices aren’t too high. When I found the lipkit with a 50% discount at Kruidvat, I just had to buy it.

Price: €6,99 (I paid €3,50)

The product:
This lipstik isn’t just the first product of the brand that I’ve tried, but also my first liquid lipstic ever. Until now I’ve only used normal lipsics or a bit of lipgloss. I have to say that I really like the liquid version. It is very easy to apply and it makes it even better when you use a lipliner. The colour is a pinkish nude colour that has a full coverage. I only need to apply one layer for my lips to have a good colour. The product dries super quikly and I am able to drink a cup of hot tea without even leaving lipstickmarks, perfect.

Price vs quality:
It might be a bit of cheating since I only payed half of the price, but it’s totally worth it. I even would have bought it for the full price of €6,99, because I really like this lipstick. For the first couple minutes my lips felt a little bit dry, but the feeling disappeared quite fast. Besides that, the colour stays for a super long time. I’ve spent a full day at the office and once I got home, my lips still looked the same pinkish nude colour. Even though I had stuff to eat and drank some cups of coffee and tea.

De lipkit is a nice product that stays for quite a long time. Personally I really like the colour because it’s a nude shade and I just think they’re super pretty. Would you prefer a different colour? No problem, because Makeup Revolutions sells a bunch of different lipkots. Check this website for all the available sets.


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