Two months in Paris: what do I think of it?

Fietsen in Parijs

More than two months ago I was standing in my parents living room, cheering on the new year. Dreaming about my semester in Paris and hoping to pass my internship. Right now we’re halfway through March and I am surprised by the speed of time, I’ve been in Paris for two months now. 
It has been two months since I said goodbye to my family and started a new adventure. Right now I am in the middle of it and thought it is a good moment to look back at the first two months. Ofcoure I’ve posted all my weekly overviews, but now it’s time to look back at specific moments, experiences and feelings.

I have to admit that I felt a bit nervous when I left my parents house on the 13th of January, to move to Paris. What if this semester is one big dissapointment? What if I don’t make any friends and feel lonely? What will it be like to live with my boyfriend now that he has a fulltime job and how will I feel about living in a big city? At this point, I have all the answers to my questions.

The first two weeks of school were quite lonely. I have different classmates for each class and everybody went home right after school finished. I have a lot of Mexian (about 70% of all students) and some Spanish ones, so everybody was talking Spanish to each other and I felt like an outsider. I want home alone after school and wondered if I made the right choice coming here. At the end of week two I had to make a group with classmates for a project and that’s the moment when I started to meet more people. I realized I wasn’t the only one who felt lonely and who wanted to make new friends. We decided to climb the Notre Dame together and since than I can honestly say that I made some new friends.

I really enjoy living in the big city and I enjoy all the posibilities. There is so much to do and there are so many hotspots on my wanting to visit list. The city is very photogenic and I enjoy walking around and looking at my surroundings. Right now, I don’t want to think about going back to the Netherlands any time soon.

Even though I am having a great time, I have to admit that it just isn’t sunshine and rainbows al the time. I love the city but there are some things that bother me. Seeing a lot of homeless people on a daily base makes me sad, I hate seeing all the trash laying around the streets and I get frustrated by the shape of some roads. A few weeks ago I fell faceforward on the road because one of my feet got stuck in a big hole.

Besides that, I still have the same struggles as in the Netherlands, sometimes I am too tired to do anything, I waste my time looking at social media and I am still as lazy as I am at home. I am not saying it is super bad, but I just want to show you that you will always take your personal struggles, wherever you may go. Just changing of enviroment isn’t enough.

So far I really enjoy living in Paris and I am looking forward for the upcoming months. My semester will be finished in 1.5 months, but I will stay in the city till the end of August. I will start working as a tourguide, hope to travel a bit and I am looking forward for sunny days and spontanous picnics in the city.

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