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Paris counts thousands of cafés, nice restaurants and lunch spots. There are so many choices, so sometimes it is complicated to choose a good place to go. To help you out a bit, I will share all the places I’ve got a positive experience with. Maybe you like the place as much as I do. Today I am sharing my experience with a bar called Au bureau. Is this a real hotspot in Paris?

One of the favorite things to do for French people is apéro, drinking and having an appetizer. At home with family and friends, but also outside or in a bar. Last week I’ve visited a new bar in the 15th arrondissement, Au Bureau, the French translation for: at the office. Is this a real hotspot in Paris?

The bar is part of a franchise and that’s why you can find bars like this in several French cities, all with the same name and menu.

The bar in the 15th is on the corner of a street, so there is a little bit of space for a small terrace with a few tables. From there you have a view over quite a busy crossroad since there is a quite popular shopping street close by, Rue de commerce. The location is not too bad and if you enjoy just sitting and watching the people walking by, you’re in a good place. It’s a busy point and there is always something to see.

The interior

The interior of Au bureau is quite dark, the chairs and couches are dark brown, the floor is made of dark wood and the walls are dark as well. The bottom part is covered with the same wood as the floor is made of and the top is painted dark blue. Even though everything is dark, the bar doesn’t look all that dark because of all the giant windows.
I have to admit that the interior reminds me of an American diner, but maybe it’s just because they serve American food like corndogs, hamburgers and a lot of fried stuff.
Based on the looks of the place, I definitely think it’s a hotspot because everything looks really pretty. The reason why we came here in the first place, is the fact that it looks nice. I just wanted to go there someday.

Interieur |Au bureau Paris

The cocktails

We chose to have a drink here and a small snack and have dinner somewhere else because the main dishes are quite expensive. The cheapest burger is almost €14.
Luckily the drinks were much cheaper because of happy hour. Between 17:00 and 20:00, all the cocktails are 50% cheaper. I had a Sex on the beach and thought the cocktail was fine. Nothing to complain, since I only had to pay €4,95, but the original price of €9,90 isn’t worth it.

Sex on the beach | Au bureau Paris

The food

We ordered a cheese platter with our drinks. A plate with mozzarella sticks, fried camembert, spicy cheddar potatoes, fried goat cheese and cheesy fries. Everything tasted good (I love fried food) and it really stuffed my belly, but the plate was quite expensive. I think that €11,90 is a lot of money for a few fried snacks.
If you ever go to Au bureau and decide to order the cheese platter, be careful with the camembert. When I took a bite, all the cheese ran out and I got cheese everywhere on my hands. Good thing that I had my napkin, otherwise I would have had cheese all over my clothes.

Cheese platter |Au bureau Paris

Altogether, I think it is a nice place for a drink and I think I will come back one day, but only during happy hour. I think I won’t take the food though, because the prices are high and the food isn’t all that special. If you are in the neighborhood and you feel like drinking a cocktail between 17:00 and 20:00 then I would say: go to this hotspot in Paris.

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