Bucketlist 2020

Place de voges

2020 is here! Not just a new year, but also a new decade. This year I am planning to do lot of fun things, so I decided to make a bucketlist for 2020. A list with 50 things that I would like to do in the new year. SOme things are quite simple, but there are also things that are bit more complictated to do. During the year, I will keep this article up to date and cross off all the things that I have done and share the experience in a new article. Here we go!

  1. Trying something new
  2. Visiting a new country
  3. Having brunch in a restaurant
  4. Swim in the open air
  5. Drink wine on a terrace
  6. Visiting a new city
  7. Make home made pizza (including the crust)
  8. Make a weekvlog
  9. Eat Five Guys
  10. Do a course
  11. A freelance job
  12. Run 5k
  13. Visit a museum
  14. Sleep in a hotel
  15. Go out for dinner in a restaurant, on mt own
  16. Camping
  17. Weekend away with friends
  18. Graduating college
  19. Visit a Christmas market
  20. Reading a book in French
  21. Bake cakepops
  22. Visit 5 different countries
  23. Climb the Peperbus with my parents
  24. Watch Frozen 2
  25. Go to a concert
    Just a picture of a pretty beach, to break the long list
  26. Going to the theater
  27. Having a picnic
  28. Trying a new recipe
  29. Watch all the Harry Potter movies
  30. Have a bonfire
  31. Flexwork from a café
  32. Write at least 250 blogposts
  33. Play a boardgame
  34. A high tea
  35. Make homemade soup
  36. 25 yoga classes
  37. The minimalist challenge
  38. A collaboration for my blog
  39. A day away, for a blog article
  40. Visit all Dutch Providences (now that I still have my free public transportation card)
  41.  Eating vegetarian for a month
  42. Going to the movie theatre
  43. Going to the beach
  44. Learning how to photograph manually
  45. Make a puzzle
  46. Cook a three course dinner for my family/boyfriend
  47. Write a product review
  48. A giveaway on my blog/Instagram
  49. Sending a postcard to someone
  50. Finally finishing the sorting of all my video’s, documents and pictures
  51. I am curious to see how far I am going to go with this bucketlist for 2020. I hope I am going to be able to do way more fun, exciting and special things in the new year. And spent a lot of time with friends and family.
    What’s on your bucketlist?


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