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On this page you’ll find all my posts about travelling in the United States.

High school year America: I wish I had known these 10 things before leaving

”My high school year in the United States wasn’t exactly what I expected.” When I tell people about my experience in America, I get a lot of surprised reactions. An exchange year should be amazing and doesn’t it have an positive impact on the rest of your life? Yes, my…

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Chicago hotspot: Stan’s Donuts & Coffee

While I was visiting Chicago, I discovered Stan’s Donuts & Coffee, a donuts-chain with a restaurant close to the apartment that we were staying at. The first morning we had breakfast at this place and in this blogpost I am sharing my opinion about the donuts-chain. We went to the Stan’s…

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I drove a truck and this is how that went..

Driving isn’t my biggest talent. It took longer than an average person for me to get my license and sometimes I find it a bit scary to drive. It does get better and I am not afraid to drive on my own (and it gives me a lot of freedom!).…

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7 x Why you shouldn’t visit South Dakota

South Dakota is one of the least popular states of the United States when it’s up to tourist. I’ve actually never met someone from Europe who was visiting a state in the Mid-West for vacation, without knowing anyone there. (Except from Chicago). In general, tourists prefer to go to the…

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