I am blogging again!


After months of radiosilence. I finally found time and motivation to write a new blog post. Last summer my laptop crashed, luckily I still had my factory waranty, but it had to go back to the Netherlands. My mom took my laptop when she came to visit me in Paris in July, so I didn’t have my laptop for a few months. Just my small school laptop, but I can’t do much with that one.

I returned to the Netherlands during the end of August (the 31th to be exact) and two days later I started my last year of college. M5: storytelling and research journalism (the classes that I am taking now) is quite tough and takes a lot of time. After not going to Windesheim for a year, it took quite some time to get used to the ‘normal’ school life. In general, I think it is weird to be back in the Netherlands and to live on my own. I needed more than a month to get used to being back in my home country and finding a rhythm in my days. By now I am doing quite well and I am looking forward to spend some time writing new content for my blog. I have to be honest: I missed it! This time I am not making any promises for the amount of posts that I am going to publish, but I promise to try my best to make new content.

You are definitely welcome to message me if there are certain topics that you want me to write about.


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