Merels week 1 – 2020

Merels week 1 – 2020

A new decade, year and blogpost! Last year I started to write weekly blogs, but the moment my laptop crashed, I quit. This year I am picking up this ‘old’ serie and share a weekly overview of the things that I did that week. The first week of 2020 has already passed and it was quite a decent one. Some relaxing and chilling before the normal life starts again. 


After a week in Paris, it was time to return to the Netherlands on Monday. A bit after 12 o’clock we started our journey towards Zeewolde and the trip went quite fast. We had no traffic jam and around 7:30 pm, we arrived at my parents. It is always good to come home and cuddle with the dogs.


For me, one of the most special days of the year, the 31th of December. A day to look back at the past year and look forward to 2020. Usually my dad an I bake oliebollen, but this year I had to drive to Zwolle to pick up some things. During the afternoon we played board games with the family, during the night we had some friends of my parents coming over to celebrate new years eve. No complicated activities for new years this year, just a night with board games, tasty food and good Champagne.

Walking taco’s for dinner
They only looked at the camera like that because I was holding a cookie.
Last picture of 2019, with champagne that we were not allowed to drink until 2020
We didn’t have any fireworks (just like all the other years) but we watched everything that my neighbors light up


On the first of January I wished to spend the day in bed, recovering from the long night before, but my parents thought it was a good idea to clean up the top floor of the house. I spend my time looking through boxes with old postcards, drawings and books. Let’s just say that drawing never has been my biggest talent.

Especially a dog with two legs, super realistic
First meal of the year: lasagna!


Thursday, my boyfriend and I were home alone at my parents place. We had a relaxed day, ate left over nachos and walked the dogs for 1,5 hours.


The last ‘official’ day of holiday. Relaxing, walking the dogs and playing board games. Unfortunately I lost with Kolonist of Catan ánd Monopoly.


More and more people around me are quite active with making puzzles, so I thought let’s try it. I found an old puzzle on the top floor of the house and started the challenge. Let’s just say that the puzzle isn’t finished yet.
Saturday night my boyfriend and I took my parents and brother out for dinner, as a Christmas present. Through Socialdeal I booked a table at De Mens, a restaurant in Zeewolde. The first time that I went out for dinner downtown in Zeewolde and I have to say that I am positively surprised.

Mission impossible


The last day off before the ‘real life’ starts again. Walking the dogs in Nunspeet, eating baguette and French cheese and watching a bit of tv. Exactly the way a Sunday needs to be 🙂

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