My week 3, 2019: vacation in Paris

My week 3, 2019: vacation in Paris

Unfortunately, my first week and vacation in Paris have come to an end. My ‘normal’ life will start today with an information meeting at school. Luckily it doesn’t start until 2 o’clock so I still have some time to look back at the past week. Will you join me?


After a long period without any real days of vacation, I was really happy to have a full week off. Monday was fully blocked in my agenda as a chilling day, a day to do whatever I felt like. In the end, I chose to walk through the shopping street and I bought some nice items on sale. After shopping I decided to go to the pool to get a new swimming card, so the next three months I can use all the public pools in the city. So I started right away with half an hour of swimming at Piscine Keller.


Tuesday mainly consisted of laying on the couch and blogging, but during the afternoon I went for a walk around the neighborhood. I think it’s quite important not to stay inside all week and it’s a good way to get to know Paris a bit better. Too bad it was quite a cloudy and grey day so my pictures aren’t that great.


I’ve gotta admit, the Netflix series YOU got me hooked, so I spent most of my day watching episodes while working on my blog layout. (You might have noticed, the layout is totally different and I am publishing in English as well.) During the afternoon I went for a swim.


I decided to walk to the Notre Dame. Quite a walk, but it was totally worth it! I enjoyed watching the world around me and seeing new places in this city. I took a lot of pictures and I actually published a blogpost about my little adventure on Fridaymorning. (Read my post about walking to the Notre Dame)


The last day of the week and I had quite a good day. Sleeping in, going to the pool and working on my blog. The time passed by quickly and before I realized it, my boyfriend got home again. During the night one of his friends came to visit us. We had pizza and went for a walk through the neigbourhood, because the friend had never seen the statue of liberty in Parijs. (I didn’t take a picture of the statue, but I took one of the Eiffel tower, because… well… it’s the Eiffel tower!)


Saturday afternoon we visited the parents of my boyfriend for the galette des Rois, a special cake that the French eat with Epiphany day. That day wasn’t on Saturday but we still had the cake because everybody likes the flavor. Fun fact: there is a little ‘king’ (a small stone figure) hidden in the cake and the one person who fins it, gets to wear the crown.


The last day of the week and a good day to stay at home and do nothing. Watching Netflix, reading magazines and some blogging. Sometimes I just really need those kind of days.

A lot of episodes of How I met your mother and some snacks 🙂

This upcoming week:
Alright, you’ve finished reading the overview of my past week. A relaxed week filled with moments of visiting nice places and chilling. This upcoming week I will start school and besides that I don’t have any specific plan. So it’s kinda like a big surprise. Did you make any plans?


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