Scary? Going to a touristic hotspot in Paris all by myself

Notre Dame

For a long time I struggled to go places all by myself. It just scared me, especially when I was in high school. Not because I had fear to go to new places, but because I was scared what people would think about me. (Or that I would run into people who have hurt me in the past.) Luckily, at this point in my life I am passed that and I don’t mind doing things on my own. It’s a good thing because this past week I’ve been home alone and since I don’t know anybody in the city except my boyfriends social network I decided to go out all by myself. I mean, I had a week of vacation in Paris and I would feel bad spending it sitting on the couch in our appartment watching Netflix.

Metro Parijs

Yesterday I decided it was a great plan to walk all the way from the appartment to the Notredame, 4,8 kilometers, one way. I spent about 1 hour walking to get there and passed a lot of amazing spots. A street with a bunch of lampshades, (Rue de L’Échaudé), a small street with cute little restaurants and some beautiful buildings. I really enjoyed walking the streets and not knowing where I would end up exactly. The real vacation feeling, if you ask me. Going on little adventures.

Paris streets
The street with the lampshades

A super cute street to walk though, too bad the restaurants are quite expensive, otherwise I would have sat down for a coffee, but I think €6 is a bit too expensive.

Once I arrived at the Notre Dame I was able to stripe of the fist point of my Paris buckitlist, going to a touristic hotspot all by myself. A bit strange, I’ve been there many times with my boyfriend, parents + American parents and friends but never all by myself. Now that I was there on my own I realized how much I’ve changes these past few years. Five years ago I would have never visited a place like this on my own, just because I was scared what people would think of me. Look at thet girl all by herself, I bet she is an unfriendly person and she doesn’t have any friends. Now I know that nobody would think that, and if they did, then I would’t care. Secretly I like doing things on my own because I get to do whatever I want. Like walking fast, I always walk fast and people ask me to slow down, when I am alone I walk as fast as I want haha. And when I want to enter a store, there is no one to tell me: ”Do we really have to go there?” So sometimes it’s good to do things on your own.

Plus there wasn’t anybody who aske me: ”Merel did you really feel the need to eat that eclair?” And if they did, I would have said: ”definitely, I totally enjoyed it!” (Point two of my bucketlist, eating an eclair.)

Ga jij graag in je uppie op pad? En zo ja, denk je er weleens overna wat andere mensen daarvan vinden? Of ga je sowieso liever op pad met anderen?


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