I’m studying in Paris and this is why

I’m studying in Paris and this is why

About seven years ago I started visiting colleges trying to figure out what I wanted to study. I’ve visited universities in Amsterdam, Utrecht and Zwolle. Looking at a variety of studies, all with one question, is there any way I could go abroad during my bachelor? I dreamt about internships close to beautiful beaches or a semester at an American University. During my social work studies, I had one clear goal: going abroad and preferable as fas as possible.

Eventually everyting changed, I switched studies, from social work to journalism and my dream to go far away from Europe changed. I fell in love with a French guy and got a new goal: studying in Paris. To be with my boyfriend, but als because I started to love Paris step by step.

It is possible to study abroad for six months during my journalism studies and I chose to do it as soon as possible, during the second semester of my third year. That semester is about to start very soon, this upcoming Monday to be exact. I chose a minor marketing and communications because I think it’s a good addition to my journalism studies. Once I am graduated I would like to work as a freelance journalist and I think it’s important to know how to sell myself and the articles that I wrote. Besides that, I am interested in (social media) marketing and it’s something I don’t know a lot about. So it’s a good opportunity to get more skills.

Wat kan ik toch genieten van dit soort plekjes

How will you do that?

I am starting my minor at Ipag Business School in the middle of Paris on the 21st of January. The semester will last till the end of June, but I am planning to stay in the city of love until the end of the summer. During this period I will be living with my boyfriend, in an apartment on walking distance from the Eiffel Tower. Let’s just say, there are worse places to live.

The upcoming months I will be writing a lot about Paris and my life in the city, therefore I would like to know, what kind of articles would you like to read? Or do you have any questions? Please let me know.




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