Bucket list 2019

Bucket list 2019

Hello 2019! I am wishing every single one of you a happy new year and I really hope the new year gives you the opportunity for new changes and many amazing adventures. I hope it’s a year filled with happiness and spending time with your loved ones.

Secretly I think it’s a bit weird that we’re already starting a new year. It sounds a bit cliché, but it felt like 2018 had just started. Anyways, that year is in the past and it’s time to look into the future. Just 13 more days till I leave to Paris for 8 months to study and live with my boyfriend. I have no idea what to expect from school, but I am really happy to be in the French capital for quite some time. Besides that, I didn’t make any plans for the new year, but there are quite some things that I would like to do. To turn those ‘dreams’ into reality, I’ve made a bucketlist with 50 things I would like to do in 2019. Most of the topics on my list are Paris related, because I want to make those days count.\

(During the year I will keep this post up to date and cross off what I’ve done)

My bucketlist:
1. Visiting a new country
2. Working on some articles while I am sitting in a cute French café
3. Having brunch in Paris
4. Drink coffee in a café in Paris
5. Getting a cookie from Cookie Therapy (A store close to the house of my boyfriend and I think the name sounds awesome)
6. Eating an croissant with a view on the Eiffeltower
7. Take a swim in the open air
8. Getting a freelance writing job (or a collaboration for my blog)
9. Baking an American cheescake
10. Waking up super early to take pictures at a touristic hotspot, without any tourists on it
11. Visiting a museum in Paris
12. Watching a full French movie in the movie theatre
13. Bike through Paris
14. Interview at least 10 people for my blog
15. Getting off the subway at a random station and getting to know the neigbourhood

Eigenlijk vind ik het best gek dat ik bijna acht maanden in deze stad ga wonen.

16. Drinking wine in one of the parks in Paris
17. Reading a book in French
18. Getting out of the city for a weekend
19. Creating an Instagram feed that makes me happy
20. Read at least 15 books
21. Watch a make-up tutorial and recreate the look (and have it look decent)
22. Making a weekvlog
23. Buy a present for someone, without any reason
24. Trying out 10 new recipes
25. Knitting a head (or something else that’s not a scarf)
26. Writing at least 100 blogposts.
27. Trying something new (a new experience)
28. Go to a party in Paris
29. Picknick in front of the Eiffeltower
30. Eating macarons

31. Go for a walk during the night
32. Taking a picture for every single day of the year
33. Climb the Montparnasse tower
34. Visiting the Pantheon
35. Having breakfast at a restaurant
36. Drinking a cocktail
37. Shop at a boutique
38. Visiting a beautiful libary
39. Eat an eclair
40. Have a raclette night

Eén van de vele prachtige bruggen in de stad

41. Visit a touristic hotspot, all by myself
42. Visiting a concert/performance
43. Sing karaoke
44. Play a boardgame (and win)
45. Learn more about photography (manual photography)
46. Go to the beach
47. Go for a walk through the forest
48. Making a homemade pizza
49. Go out for dinner
50. Watching a Christmasmovie while wearing my ugly Christmas sweater



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  1. April 17, 2019 / 13:58

    I love your bucket list, would love to know how many you have accomplished so far! Paris is such a great city? I have heard about it so many times! Good luck with your blog!

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