My week 7: being a tourist and a fun night out

My week 7: being a tourist and a fun night out

Week 7 of the year 2019 has already passed. Quite crazy how fast time is flying by and secretly I think it’s too fast because I am enjoying my time in Paris. I do not want to g home any time soon and I would be fine if the semester lasted a bit longer!


After finishing my first and only class of the day I went sight seeing with four classmates. We’ve visited the Michael Jackson exposition, took pictures at the mur des je t’aime and ate at different restaurants in Montmatre.


I didn’t have any classes and walked to the mall close by to buy a scale and sent out some postcards.


A few weeks ago I posted a message in a Facebookgroup for Erasmusstudents that I wanted to meet some journalism students because there are no journalism students at my school. I got a message from an American girl and we went out for lunch together on Wednesday.


Unfortunately I had to go to school till 8 on Valentinesday so we couldn’t go out. But when I got home my boyfriend had cooked my dinner so that was super nice!


For the first time since I started school in France I got quite a long day of classes. During our one hour lunch break I went out to eat bagels at Bagelstein with some classmates. After school my boyfriend and I went to the movietheatre with three of my classmates to watch a French movie with English subtitles.


During the day I’ve cleaned our appartment, but during the night my boyfriend and I went out with some people from school and a German girl who I met through Facebook. We were with about 10 people when we had drinks at an Irish bar and after we went to another bar to play pool.


We had dinner with the grandma of my boyfriend and some of the family because she will have her birthday soon. A big French lunch with 3 courses, cheese, drinks and cookies. After 3 hours of eating, they could roll me home haha.


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