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Bagel Corner Paris

Let’s talk about food babe! Because I just really like good food, cozy restaurants and discovering new places. Since I lived in Paris, I discovered a new love: the bagel! By coincidence I ended up at Bagelstein, a bagelchain in France. Recently I discovered a new bagel place, and to be honest: I secretly prefer those bagels!  

This summer I had an appointment not too far from the Champs-Élysées and had to go to Montmartre after. Two touristy neighborhoods, where it is a challenge to find affordable and tasty lunch spots. I walked across Bagel Corner and decided to go in and try their food. I was positively surprised and decided to go back in December to eat one of their delicious bagels ánd write a review.

Bagel Corner

Bagel Corner is a chain with different franchise restaurants. The restaurant that I visited is not too far from the Champs-Élysées, on Rue la Boétie. I have only visited this restaurant of Bagel Corner and can’t promise you that they are all just as great, but I am expecting that they are. It is quite a small building with the option to be seated for about 15 people and some spots outside on the terrace. The majority of the guests takes their order outside to eat it somewhere else or at their office. I decided to eat at Bagel Corner with my friend Julia.

The menu

At Bagel Corner you can decide to eat different kinds of bagels and salads. Do you choose a bagel? Than you have the choice from different kinds of bread and nine ways for your bagel to be prepared. You can decide to just order a bagel/salad, but also pick a full menu with a drink and an extra. This can be a dessert, chips or a sweet snack like a cookie. I chose the bagle of the month, a raclette one with turkey, raclette cheese, potatoes and lettuce. I completed my menu with a coca cola and a caramel donut, yummy!

Visiting Bagel Corner?

After my second visit at Bagel Corner I am convinced, I want to eat here more often! The bagels are tasty, the toppings are fresh and even the donuts are totally worth it 🙂 The restaurant close to the Champs-Élyséés is decorated in a nice way and the staff is very friendly. I definitely think it’s a place where I would advice you to go. Especially when you are in the quite expensive 8th arrondisement of Paris and looking for a tasty, but affordable lunch. And even some kind of French lunch, because you can only find the Bagel Corner chain in France.
For more information of the bagel hotspot you can go here.

Bagel Corner Parijs
Eating bagels with Julia
Bagel Corner Parijs
Plants on the ‘wall’
Bagel Corner Parijs
My order!

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